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    Does anyone have any experience with "Konosuke" or "Richmond" "lasers?"

    Hello, sorry I'm late to the thread. I'm a sushi chef and have been for almost a decade. Yanagiba, is solely for sashimi. One stroke to cut slices of fish. Considered a chisel edge, only sharpened on one side. Sujihiki, is a multi purpose knife, doing many things like many already said. This...
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    what kind of knife do you have?

    Misono Swedish sujihiki 270 (daily knife) Yoshihiro Yanagi 300 (sashimi sushi) Kanetsune yanagi 240 (back up) Shun Yanagi 270 (loaner) Caddie slicer (home knife) Wurstoff chef 8" (home knife) Looking to get konosuke white or blue suji
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    advise on getting shun or global

    Still after about 2000 hours of using my misono Swedish sujihiki it is easily my go to knife.
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    Your perfect knife set

    Congrats! Mac make good knives. Just sharpened my teppan chefs Mac and it has a good edge and long retention.
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    Cooking at home

    You've just made me very hungry!
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    Cooking at home

    Appreciate the advice! Purchased a SAUCES book online, this book is gold!
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    Looking for a chef knife

    Not sure if this is going to help you, but I was taught to sharpen by my head chef giving me a cheap dull kitchen knife and a $25 1200 grit king stone. He showed basic angle of kitchen knife (about 15•) and said to keep hands steady. There are many videos on YouTube that I didn't have back...
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    Cooking at home

    Haha! I would love to be able to do many styles of food at home other than grill and sushi...
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    Cooking at home

    Fishy because I'm a professional sushi chef ;) But I'm eager to learn normal culinary ideas and techniques. Sorry.
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    Hi! New Home Cook here, looking to learn

    Hi zoji! Hopefully we can all learn great cuisine because I certainly want to step out of my comfort zone. I'd love to make black bean noodle at home!
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    CIA student knives.

    My GF went to culinary school (not CIA) but the ones included were terrible. I'd bring just a personal chef knife. Maybe you could just gift the knife set after?
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    Cooking at home

    I guess it depends what you want or what everyone wants. I always keep frozen pork bellies and salmon in the freezer, easy to thaw and prepare, takes little cook time. Also I like using the crock pot as vegetables are very cheap and very tasty out of the crock. Meat on bones are usually cheap...
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    Your first aid tips for knife cuts?

    Hmm maybe I shall upgrade my medical kit as it only contains a few bandaids haha.
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    Caring for Carbon steel knives in a kitchen

    Perhaps after you polish you can wipe/dry several times to force a thin patina? I'm not too advisable on anything but I know after a sharpen I must wipe edge so that it doesn't patina too quick (I kind of like the mirror polish edge to contrast dark blue patina).
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    Another, Which knife for me thread!

    Interesting! Wish I knew more about stropping. But then again I have no need to get any sharper.
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