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    my situation

    Any updates cool j dude? :bounce:
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    The big hit

    :bounce: Bertuzzi's suspension should only last for the balance of this season and however long the Canucks last in the playoffs.No lifetime ban,and no fine for the canucks. The N.H.L. overreacted in this case.We do not know how good of shape Steve Moore was in,and it did not help his injuries...
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    Presidential Politics

    Hello all: How about somebody with integrety,who can take charge.This probable right wing puppet needs to go.
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    You know Food Network has gone to far when...

    :p :cool: A moral could be, ........don't go out in public in a uniform.Wear street clothes.:chef: :chef: :chef:
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    Skin loss

    The cutting of ones finger would be equivalent to any skilled tradesperson cutting themselves with their tools. A carpenter who hits his thumb with a hammer.,or cuts himself with his saw.A meatcutter who cuts himself with a knife.This is why factories have first aid attendants and first aid...
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    Do you still like us as Canadians?

    Hello to everybody:D I hope you Americans living all over the continent still like us Canadians. In my opinion we should of supported our allies in the liberation of Iraq.:) Our Prime Minister is from Quebec and talks more like a mainland European than representative of all Canadians. 70%...
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    Virus alert!

    Very humerious. Good going.:look: :look: :eek: :bounce: :smoking:
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    :bounce: Hello to you too.:chef: I hope all is well in Holland.I hope you have a jolly good time.:lips:
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    Green Ketchup!?

    I found some purple ketchup in our local store here.:eek: I bought a bottle and seem to be the only one using it.:bounce: It looks like that sqeeze paint the kids use for hand painting.:lips: I guess it took over a year to get here.:rolleyes: Anybody have any sharable experiences?:D :chef...
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    Crime and Gun Ownership

    Who do you think will replace Charles Heston.Now that he ,by his own admission has Altimiers desease?How about Clint Eastwood .
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    Who you going to pick ??

    I would say: Toronto over the canes, and Detoit over the Avalance. For lord stanleys cup: Toronto vs Detoit with Toronto winning the cup and bring it back to Canada where it belongs. What else can I say being a loyal Canadian.
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    Who you going to pick ??

    :bounce: So Now Vancouver is out ,Detroit eliminated Vancouver and thier second round team.Montreal is basically out.Toronto and Ottawa play tommorrow,so I will root for a Canadian team.If they fall than I don't know,I'll see who is left.:rolleyes: ;) :D :bounce:
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    Who you going to pick ??

    Vancouver is in the first round for sure.I think they will not make it any further.It would be truely fantastic if they would win their first Stanley Cup,but they would need help from above if they were to do that. Is Toronto in?:bounce:
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    Not a political forum, just curious

    Here in my area of Canada we have a provincial tax as well as a federal tax that is called the G.S.T. which means goods and services tax.P.S.T....7.5% GST 7%.........SO 14.5% although GST is not on all items.Are Americans double taxed like we are?
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    Dumb Question

    WTC, RIP
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