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    Frogs Legs

    Doesn't get any easier than that! thanks
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    Greetings from S. Oregon

    Found this forum while searching for a recipe.  Lucky stumble! All the men in my family are cooks by profession or necessity.  None of us went to school, unless you count the University of Hard Knocks. Mom was an exceptional cook!  She could look in a cupboard and icebox, and create a tasty...
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    Frogs Legs

    Today my son procured some frogs legs which he intends to prepare for he and his girlfriend, despite her 'ick' statements. I prepared a light, delicate sauce for some frogs legs years ago, knowing how easily over-powered they can be, but have since lost it. At the risk of chastisement and...
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    The October 2015 Challenge is . . . . PIE

    If I had a cat that had kittens in the oven, I wouldn't call them biscuits! Sorry, but I'm new here! Hi everyone!
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    Frogs legs

    My son recently procured a quantity of frogs legs.  He's very keen to prepare a nice dinner for he and his girlfriend, despite her objections and "ick" comments. I had a recipe (oddly enough from The Playboy Gourmet) for a very light, delicate cream sauce to serve with frogs legs, but sometime...
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    Need a recipe fast!

    At the risk of being chastised for not browsing existing recipes or threads, I have the following request: My son, who is equal to I in the kitchen, has secured enough frog legs for him to prepare a nice meal for he and his girlfriend. I fixed frog legs with a very mild cream sauce 30 years...
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