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    Melt-in-your-mouth braised / slow-cooked meat dishes?

    Brisket and onions like my grandmother used to make.
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    Appliances for a "home-based bakery"

    @foodpump - Those are the exact questions that led us to the decision to move the business to the extra building, which we made after researching VA law and before purchasing the property. As I think I may have mentioned elsewhere on this site in the past, my business started as a cottage food...
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    Appliances for a "home-based bakery"

    Hi everyone, I really appreciate the wide variety of advice and experience you are all bringing to this conversation, and your comments have definitely helped me think through my decisions around the appliances. I did not particularly intend for the discussion to move towards zoning, health...
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    Appliances for a "home-based bakery"

    My fiance and I bought a home several months ago with a secondary building (formerly used as a daycare) on the property. We are planning on converting that building into a kitchen and office space for my small baking business, which, until recently, I was running out of a shared commercial...
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    Jams, Jellies, and Preserves - Book Recommendation?

    Hi everyone! Does anyone have a good recommendation for a reference text on jams, jellies, and fruit preserves? Specifically, I'd like something with info on food safety principles for home canning. Most of the information I'm finding online is along the lines of "here is a recipe for this...
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    Extract flavour

    Just brainstorming... maybe some form of repeated osmotic blanching in order to replicate (but at a lower temp) the effect of repeat regular blanching (as for citrus rind before candying)?
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    Bubbling under rolled fondant

    Hi all, I'm new to working with rolled fondant. I've been doing great with practicing on styrofoam dummies, but when I try to cover an actual cake I get a ton of air bubbles under the surface of the fondant. What causes this air bubbling and how can I make it stop? My cakes are covered in swiss...
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    Small handled Chef's knife?

    I'm a bit taller than your wife, but also have relatively small hands and have a difficult time finding knives that feel comfortable in my hand. I think this is a really common problem for women. For what it's worth, my favorite knife is a morimoto edition miyabi, specifically because of the...
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    Buttermilk Syrup Baking Soda & Cooktime Question

    For your question... I'm not sure, I've never made a syrup like this before and texture is also effected by fat content, acidity etc. so it's hard to say. When I'm making something new, my typical approach is similar to yours... I read as much as I can to understand the underlying principles of...
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    Buttermilk Syrup Baking Soda & Cooktime Question

    Additional thoughts based on your reply to @dueh and reading your initial post again.. 1. Cooking temps listed in the recipes you're reading are related to controlling the viscosity of your syrup via reduction... With heat you can achieve a more concentrated sugar solution than you can at room...
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    Buttermilk Syrup Baking Soda & Cooktime Question

    My best guess answers to your questions, accuracy not guaranteed: 1. Why is your syrup grainy? Buttermilk is high protein, low-fat (usually, unless you look for a higher-fat version), and acidic, so it curdled slightly when you applied heat to it. Heating an acidified dairy product works great...
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    Increasing spread for frozen/refrigerated cookie dough

    @fatcoook - Yes... When I bake them myself in a high airflow oven I thaw them and then flatten them using the bottom of a can of pan spray (it gives the perfect shape for still being thick/chewy in the center but thin/crispy around the edges. That works really well. However, I really want my...
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    Increasing spread for frozen/refrigerated cookie dough

    I make frozen, ready-to-bake cookies and sell them to local caterers, food truck operators, etc. and I’m having some problems with our product. When the cookies are baked directly from frozen or refrigerated in non-convection ovens at 350 F they spread perfectly to a 3-inch diameter cookie...
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    Things that are not raisins for oatmeal cookies

    @morning glory I did not forget your picture request.. I'm just terrible at taking photos and everything I took was not something I wanted to share. But! The management of the incubator kitchen where my business is based gave each of us a 45 min professional photography session as a New Year's...
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