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    Need a New Point of Sales System

    Hello, I have recently bought a new restaurant and the existing POS is, well... a pos! It's a Micros and is no longer supported. Any thoughts on which one of the hundreds out there to choose? The restaurant is a location driven spot. Beach front. Fine Dinning. It must accommodate multi course...
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    Managing Kitchen Payroll

    Hello, I would like to know what program you all use for payroll. I’m sure this has been discussed before - or you can direct me to the thread. Thanks, Chefari
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    Menu pricing software__

    Anyone have a favorite? I need something that is not to complicated and faster then doing on paper. Thanks, Ari
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    Health question for some of the seasoned chefs (back problems, arthritis, carpel tunnel...)

    As for genetics and health issues you must consult a physician. Most of the aliments that were above mention are a direct result of a lack of blood flow. Simple shit here guys. Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and running. There's no better advertisement than a chef with a six-pack abs. If I eat his...
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    Things that make you go AAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

    1. Line cooks that don't prep their lines completely. 2. Staff that complains about the time that customers comes in. I've never undertood that one... and I wish I could.  Would it make it better to close the restaurant at 8:55? If closing time is 9:00 than the kitchen should be working till...
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    Two jobs

    To get good you must give it your all. Ari
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    Where should I go next?

    If you're gunning for the chef's job then the above poster has the inside track, but if you want to know if you're on a sinking ship, look to the customer. Ask the wait staff if there are complaints. Look at the plates coming back.  The customer doesn't give a flying shit if the chef is high on...
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    How to deal with kitchen a*******

    Sorry kid to put it to you like this, but what you described is called LIFE. It's just taking place in a kitchen with a-holes with jackets that have a lot of buttons on them. People push you around because they can... simple as that. As long as they can they will. If the Chef can't help you or...
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    Women's Chefs Coats?

    I'm not a lady... I'm a dude, but I do know where to get well made chef's coats.  Culinary Classic. They are out of Chicago and all jackets and pants are made to order. I've been using them for fifteen years and I love them. They have great Egyptian Cotten. My coats last and look great for two...
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    Ari Again

    Thanks for the kind words...hope to see you around here. best, Ari
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    Job interview questions

    One poster here, suggested that you take a tour of the kitchen and talk about all the things wrong with the place... serious numb-nut approach! Easily, the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Insault your boss before he's your boss. The other posters (besides that one) gave good advice. My...
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    Wedding for 450

    So here it is. I need to transport baked Rib-eye for apox 400 people to the catering site which is a ten minute drive from the kitchen. I've used hot-boxes before but that was only for 175 people. 400? I'm scratching my head and wondering why I told my (friend that I would cater her wedding)...
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    i need help

    The last poster gave some really good advice.  Learn and keep your dignity. It can be done. I've been a chef for 15 years and I can count on one hand the times I've yelled at a staff member. But, all chefs are different. Some keep order by screaming and yelling, others (like me) take a...
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    Ari Again

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    What a great site. Just found it. A
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