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    Worst things about being a Chef

    I get what you're saying about people absent-mindedly dumping salt on their food without even tasting it.  For those people I don't even care.  If they want to ruin their food without even tasting it, as long as their paying for it, it's their taste buds.  But for everyone else, the way I see it...
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    Worst things about being a Chef

    About last minute tickets, I guess if you're the owner of a restaurant and every dollar counts in making a profit then you stay open.  But you also have to take into account the overtime you're going to have to pay.  And of course the cooks will go along but if you expect them to do it will a...
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    How do you "hold" sauces?

    Maybe if you're doing a high volume of pastas it might make sense to keep hot sauces in a steam table.  But where I work we only have 3 pastas on our menu, a spicy marinara, an alfredo, and a creamy pesto.  So for us it makes more sense to keep the sauces cold & then heat them up per order.  We...
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    Los Angeles

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    Gargantuan Tipping

    Since I've never had an extra $100 or so to burn, I've never dropped a massive tip like that.  What I usually do is 20%, just because it's easier to calculate.  Then I'll round up or down to the nearest dollar depending on the service.  I also tip strictly on service & not on the quality of the...
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    An Opinionated Guide to Sandwiches

    Give me a sandwich & a douchebag and there's nothing I cannot do.
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    Baked fish

     This one is very simple but very good - Wasabi encrusted Salmon.  Take wasabi peas and pulse them in a blender or food processor until fine, then add salt & pepper.  Dip salmon filets in beaten eggs & then coat both sides in the wasabi crumbs. Heat a frying pan with a little oil and pan sear...
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    calling all vegans

     I was never a vegan but I used to be a vegetarian for nearly 10 years.  And I ate plenty of mock meats like Boca Burgers and Tofu Pups.  During that time I didn't really think there was anything wrong with them.  It wasn't until I started eating meat again that I noticed how off the taste of...
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    what a lovely day

     Did you say write the new menu?  This isn't an April Fools joke, is it?
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    Silliest Things...

     This happened the day before yesterday.  I was walking in the corridor past our employee dining room where their dishroom is and I saw an empty container marked "Waldo Salad."  That made me laugh.  
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    not sure what to do

     You should've taken pictures & then blackmailed him.  
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    Kitchen Humor

     The best prank that we pulled was the time one of the cooks had the day off but left his fish spatula at work.  So we took a bucket & filled it with water.  Then we tied some twine to the handle and then tied it to the edge of the bucket so that the blade was submerged in water.  Then we stuck...
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    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper -- what are you cooking?

     Tonight I cooked duck with fingerling potatoes and mushroom & saffron risotto.  I've never made duck before in my life or even eaten it but my roommate came home with 2 5lb ducks & wanted me to cook it.  He also bought some fingerling potatoes, arborio rice, mushrooms, saffron, and a few other...
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    Cheese with seafood is a NO-NO?

     This reminds me, I haven't had Lobster Thermidor in years.  
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