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    What are some good appetizers to make with duck confit?

    Duck confit rillette with a nice house made pickle or JAM . Duck confit , goat cheese, strawberries and dog vincotto was always a favorite.
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    Whistling in the kitchen

    No whistling, ever . Period. Heard.
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    Study more or work?

    A degree helps when you want a promotion. Chefs and owners prefer certifications. Enjoy the time studying while you can.
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    Not confident in cooking abilities

    The corporate chef I met when I was in high school told me to go to work for a while, see where you fit in and go from there. If you respect the crew and listen to what they say , especially at crunch time you will be surprised at how much confidence you can gain. It's a process.
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    Fun kitchens

    Our staff was young, we were all younger than 30, we put up great numbers and partied all the time. The ones who stayed at the party too long left the business. Burn out is serious stuff, even the best of them got hit.
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    Best Professional Cook Books for learning methods and terminology

    Jacques Pepin the complete teqniues, food lovers companion , the reach of a chef by Michael ruhlman. Also check used bookshops for things that look interesting to you personally. Good luck, knowledge is never complete. What they know you can always learn
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