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    Smoking 101

    Bordelaise. a clever double entendre. I had a friend with a facial tattoo and he always regretted it. Besides, I'm way too handsome. My smoker has a nice oval window in the front and a light and a remote I'll PEEK all I like thankyouverymuch. All joking aside...   My smoker...
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    Smoking 101

    I just got a new electric smoking cabinet for my 40th birthday and have been experimenting all week. I got a couple of cookbooks and am quite enjoying the experience. The high temp is 275 F with 4 racks - big enough to smoke a whole turkey. Does anybody have any recipies or experience and advice...
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    Cheating... or chef's trick?

    Looks like I'm going to buy me some dried figs and see what happens. More will be revealed...
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    Cheating... or chef's trick?

    Absolutely, We'll talk in the fall when it's cannin' time. We'll trade you some tomates for some fresh figs. we just bought a tree this year and don't expect fruit for a couple of seasons. They sell dried figs at the supermarket (Shopright) but they don't look very good. I've been using fresh...
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    Cheating... or chef's trick?

    I embrace others opinions. How else am I going to learn and grow? I believe a good chef is always growing. KY, Pete, andKouk, make valid arguments that cause me to critically re-evaluate my perceptions, isn't that the purpose of a discussion forum? As for my status as "former" I switched...
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