YES Chef they are , it is a Recipe taught to me by one of the greatest chefs ive known, Chef Eugene Kaufler when i was at the DORCHESTER HOTEL in london i think it was about 1966 .. i believe the old ways are the best chef. im sorry i didnt post a reply straight away , i wasnt sure i was welcome on the site , ive only been on a short time but i have had nothing but complaints , i cannot post this i cannot post that somebody even complained about my AVATAR ?? im 70 years old now Chef and i have MS , i have worked in some of the best hotels and with some of the greatest chefs in the world, I MISS IT , so i joined hoping i could talk to chefs like yourself about the old days and the new ways of Haute Cuisine . i just hope i can be allowed to stay and have some conversations wth my brothers across the water . best wishes chef
 ChefCollett, what a privilege to see your work, it one one of the most stunning Coq au Vin dishes I have ever seen. I will take any and knowledge you would be willing to share. It is a pleasure to have you at ChefTalk, the pleasure is all ours, and we look forward to more of your input and wonderful pictures.

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