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terrine (2).jpg

Very nice. Can you tell me what ratio duck - pork fat etc you used? All duck or did you use some ground pork as well? 
Hello Nico,It is all duck terrine. I confited the overnight salted duck legs in duck fat, when soft i shredded and chopped the meat and added it to sweated finely chopped miropoux. Than slowly worked in some of that duck fat which I used to cook the legs in. You can put some allspice or nutmeg in the miropoux it's up to you. You can put this mixture  in the terrine and set it as it is, with some light weight on top. I wanted to make it special so I soaked some prunes in brandy over night, than rolled them up in a cylinder using cling film. when solid i took the cling film off and inserted it in the middle of the terrine when building it. If you are doing this let the meat mix temperature come right down, reason being that prunes will be cold as they were frozen and might melt the fat around it inside the terrine if you know what I am saying....I made this kind of terrine with rabbit, guinea fowl with great success and it lasts as it contains quite a bit of fat. Basically it is a rillette set in the terrine dish. Good luck 

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