Thank you for sharing the process, it was very informative. I bet it tastes great too. Have you ever infused a maple flavor ?
Many times Petals. I use the standard salt/sugar rub with a pinch of white pepper added. The slab goes into the ziploc along with 3-4 tablespoons of maple syrup. This is usually given an extra day in the rub/brine and massaged thoroughly every 2-4 hours.
Very interesting. I have never made bacon before, but the way you and Nicko have presented it , well, it just makes me appreciate all the hard work that goes into making it.
Seriously, it's not hard at all. It is daunting, as the process seems so simple that one doubts that he/she can actually do it. Even the smoking part can be done on a barbeque with a makeshift smoke source. I know od folks who regularly smoke small amounts of most everything in this way.
nom nom nom. love bacon. That looks great!!

Petals, you really need to make some bacon. It's dead simple to do and it's the gateway meat to all that other fun charcuterie!!
Excellent info Nicko thanks. I thought the process took days of complicated brining and other stuff that was a mystery. but i see by your timeline that it can be done in a day. I have an old freezer and i now have inspiration and motivation to try myself.
Great looking bacon
Looks good! What is under your pizza dough?  Is it wax paper? Interested to know. 

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