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Back in the beginning of my career as a former chef I wish I had found a mentor instead of going full tilt into the career as if I knew what I was doing like a pro which I was not . I wish I sought out that special teacher that could have brought me to a new level in a more gentle , softer approach . I was only concerned with making as much money as possible and getting the job done. I had a strong base in knowledge and a lot of natural talent as well but if I only slowed down and took time to smell the roses this could have been such a better career for me . With a mentor I could have bounced ideas of him or her, Gotten more positive information and furthered my softened my learning curve. I could have been shown things like professionalism, better accuracy and better ethics to get the finished products I so longed to perfect . I could have built the great professional relationship with someone who had my better interest involved at hand . Mentor is a person /chef who has been there and done that in there career and can pass off there knowledge to you so that I could be the best chef possible at the given time. Now not in the field any longer I wonder if I had a chef mentor I would still be in the field today. Now I would have been in the field 15 years now I probably could have been a great mentor to someone else who was coming up in the industry. If you are reading this because you wonder if a mentor is right for you then seek out that chef that can make a difference in your career they can dial you in , hook you up with skills you need and probably help you become the chef you always wanted to be weather you are just starting out or have been in the field a long time. A mentor can offer an opinion or advice you may need for all types of things . Good luck to you and find that great mentor and be the best chef you can be now and in the future . 
@Remi Love Thank you for sharing that! You should post that under the article so other will be more likely to see it. You make some great points from which others could benefit. Thanks, again, for sharing!

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