2014-12-17 15.09.58.jpg

2014-12-17 15.09.58.jpg

We featured this on our Facebook page! One comment was it was too much salt for the size of the carmel. From the picture it looks like a  lot of salt but I am guess you were happy with the salt and the carmel?
@Nicko I apologize for the late reply. I got similar comments on my Instagram. They caramels tasted fine. I think what helped also was they they were chocolate caramels, so it had a darker flavor and, of course you could taste the salt, but I didnt think it was overwhelming. The next day I took another look at the caramels and came to the same conclusion, that it wasnt too much salt. I've definitely seen caramels made by others that have alot more salt included. Something else to consider is the angle of the shot. The pieces are not big, they are 3/4" by 3/4" and I think the angle and lighting make the salt look nice and fluffy. All in all, considering the caramels are basically sweet chewy sugar cubes, that amount of salt doesnt destroy it.

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