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Brandade of Cod or Haddock ( or Lobster ) is a classic Marseilles recipe which travelled to the Basque Country ( on the coast of the Cantabrian Sea, north central Spain ) during the 1700s. It is normally prepared by creating a pureé of cod fish or haddock, heavy cream or cream Fraîche, 1 potato ( to hold it together ), thyme, garlic, white pepper and a sweet Piquillo red pepper ( they are also grown in Payes, France called the French Basque Country ) and the " dip " is placed in les feuilles de brick a sort of croustillant however, more of a " sachet shape " and a " séche et fume " is created. The little saches are created from the pastry dough as shown in photo. The sauce is created from Piquillo peppers, which are a triangular sweet red pepper with a point at top ( a peak = piquillo in Spanish ) and garlic and olive oil. Also, extra virgin olive oil creates the pureé. If u need anymore info, please do not hesitate to contact and I shall send u recipe or post it for the members. Kind regards. Margaux.

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