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Hello my name is Paul .
I own a great set o wushtinghof knives that we got when we married. Its been over 10years now and honeing only does so much. I looked through the phone book and found many listing. Half were just gone, the othe30% were industrial sharpeners that need it 1000 knives minimum. The rest were people in their 80-90 and had eye issues, one almost fell on the blade because they held the blade. Improperly. I finally found a butchr that would do 1 knife for 2$. I gave him a smaller knife to see how he would do. He killed the knife 40$ for me is a lot. The blade was chiped in places. How ever it was strong enough and sharp enough to cut a can in half, because why open a can if you can slice it.

So to the point, is there a home sharpener that can sharp well?

There other places a distance from here but you need to pack some serious heat in those neighborhoods.
Edge Pro and Chefs Choice satisfy a lot of people who use your knives. If you're willing to practice and learn , a combo 1000/6000 grit stone will do a great job on your knives once you get used to it. There are plenty of excellent sharpening service options by mail. Not cheap, but worth every penny if you don't do your own.

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