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    Hi Nicko!
    We asked our designer to keep in mind the principle of "aging in place", as we did when we renovated our master bathroom a few years ago. Not that we're that old (although I did get my Medicare card this summer), but we plan to stay here for a while. Raising the dishwasher is one strategy that's been done, and I LOVE it. We also positioned the dish and tableware storage alongside the dishwasher, with dishes in deep drawers next to the machine so I don't have to schlep them across the kitchen or lift them up into the cupboards. It's a snap to unload the dishwasher now. I also have deep drawers for cookware so I don't have to wrangle pots, pans, and lids out, even from the pull-out shelves I used to have. These are deep enough that I can "file" the pans and lids, edge-side up in the drawers. They made a new closet for me to put my small electrics in so I can easily get at the KA mixer, ice cream maker, food processor, etc. In the old kitchen I was so strapped for space, everything was buried and stuck far back into the cabinets. They closed off a section over the stairwell to the basement, creating a new closet. I even have a step ladder hanging on the door so I can easily reach items stored in higher cabinets in the kitchen; no space is wasted. (Actually, I have so much space now, there's unused space.)

    So Garrett is in high school! He's at the age of eye-rolls, ear buds, hugs for his daddy one minute and ripping lyrics from A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie the next. Gotta love adolescence! Take consolation in that it only lasts until their mid-20s for some boys. o_O
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