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  1. tombrooklyn
  2. justacook111
    justacook111 mezzaluna
    wake ta fuck up. id love some direction plz if
  3. ACHFood
    Food and flavor are our passions. Quality, partnership, and innovation are our promises.
  4. sgsvirgil
    Retired! I will spend the rest of my days so long as I am able cooking for my beautiful bride of 43 years.
  5. phatch
    phatch nicko
    I talked with sgmchef about how to do this.
  6. sgmchef
    sgmchef nicko
    Hi Nicko,

    Thanks for all your hard work in creating a really great site!
    I don't like airing issues in public, but I can't find any way to send a private message.

    Either your "Contact us" link is down, three unanswered messages, or are moderators are avoiding me?
  7. chefross
    chefross sgmchef
    Wen to school in Wisconsin as well.....beautiful country
  8. sgmchef
    sgmchef thewolff
    Hi thewolff, you inspired me to write a topic called "salt thoughts" in the culinary student section. I used your reply to me about salt to kick the whole thing off. Seems funny that everyone teaches Molecular Gastronomy, but they don't teach about the applications and properties of one of the most commonly used ingredients. Salt.

    Anyway, thanks for the inspiration and I wish you all the success you can handle!
  9. sgmchef
    sgmchef iceman
    Thanks Iceman!
    Go Navy!
    WooHoo and turn 2!
    When do we get some Lumpia? Pancit?
  10. phatch
    phatch iceman
    I apologise for not promptly awarding your badge.
  11. chefozy
    hungry for more
  12. chicavenezolana
    chicavenezolana merysnook
    Hola mery! Cuál relleno usas para tus empanadas?
    Que tengas un lindo día :)
  13. Sansa
    Preparing for a big birthday party...
  14. scott livesey
    scott livesey Jazzled
    hi, my screws may be a bit loose, but I make my living sharpening and making knives. I offer advise, take it or leave it. enjoy your time here.
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  15. rick alan
    rick alan Jazzled
    You not only managed to avoid the real rabbit hole, well so far anyway, and you're off to a great start, have fun and do take advantage of all this great site has to offer.
  16. rick alan
    rick alan Jazzled
    Scott has some knife knowledge, he is also terribly stuck in the old ways and, quite frankly, not screwed together too tight. So No india stone or any other oil stones, and no diamond steels or diamond hones. Diamonds steels will ruin your edge, diamond hones are typically too course for touch ups and will wear out quickly if used for full-scale sharpening.
  17. chefross
    chefross cheflayne
    It really grits my gizzards when people don't think out logistics before they commit to a catering
  18. cookinghot
    Out Cooking
  19. ACH10BRG
    ACH10BRG recky
    Hey recky,
    I was pointed in your direction on a question I had and I believe that you are just the person that I am looking for. I am looking for authentic German recipes for a food truck that I am the owner of. If you have any authentic recipes or some ideas of what street vendors are selling in Germany it would really help. I am also looking for a really good frikadeller recipe if you have any ideas.
    1. The Nosey Chef
      The Nosey Chef
      Have you considered käsekrainer? Known as 'pus finger' these are cheese-filled sausages, typically served hot with mustard. Most German and Austrian hot food stands sell these babies. Anthony Bourdain describes them in his No Reservations trip to Vienna.
      Nov 13, 2017
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    2. recky
      Honestly, I have never seen a food stall or truck that sells käsekrainer in Germany. The name sounds very Austrian to me. As far as street vendors in Germany, it's bratwurst, bratwurst, bratwurst, usually with French fries and ketchup. I would put a twist on this (see my forum post).
      Nov 26, 2017
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  20. audboi
    audboi nicko
    Part 2 of my Question- I would appreciate your permission to drop a survey on your forum to ask chefs what features and requirements they’d want in an app like this and to understand the needs of chefs such as those on your forum.
    Kind Regards

    Adrian Mulligan
    1. nicko
      You may do so but only in the off topic forum. Late Night Cafe we call it.
      Oct 23, 2017