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  1. chef oddball
    chef oddball
    New team members are slowly learning... but will get there!
  2. Cdp
    Monter au Beurre-
  3. drirene
    Scratch or bust!
  4. Dona Reye
    Dona Reye
    Baking Fresh CoCoNetes.
  5. chef oddball
    chef oddball
    Been a long & difficult summer.... do people seriously not want to actually work... no conference & banquet season
  6. rick alan
    rick alan chrislehrer
    Query at kitchenknifeforums also if you haven't already.
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  7. Jimin77tujuh
    I am stupid at cook and I want to learn how to cook
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  8. rick alan
    rick alan Adam Scott
    Hey look Adam, what can I say but I'm Sorry, left my regrets and a further explanation on the post also, the moderators obviously let their feelings be known also. Hope you hang around and don't disappear on my account.

  9. McKenna 619
    McKenna 619
    Much gratitude for being here. Best wishes to everyone. Cheers!
  10. McKenna 619
    McKenna 619
    Busy cooking!
  11. Carlos cornejo
  12. Kamal thapa
    Kamal thapa
    Good night all chefs...i am happy to became a member in your cheftalk site...thankyou so much all....
  13. Kamal thapa
    Kamal thapa
    Good evening all chefs....i am kamal thapa from gurgaon...i am indian and tandoor chef....
  14. harpua
    harpua dueh
    I would be forever grateful if you would share you macaron technique and recipe. I've done it so many different ways; whipped whites and runny whites together, italian. french, etc.. My main problem tends to be that they look great in the oven but they lose their feet as they cool.

    I had a great recipe or two in the past and unfortunately they got lost in the pastry shuffle.
  15. Boulbul
    Boulbul schoolchef

    Can you pls help me with info about setting up a popcorn or nougat small factory?

    thanks...any advise would be a good advise.
  16. rogeld
    Owner and head chef and bottle washer at Ingrams Chili Bowl.
  17. chefross
    chefross meezenplaz
    Cajun shrimp thread...I certainly hope he is not cooking at home for a catering.
    Very against the law....I'm dealing with this very topic now myself. People don't have a clue
  18. #DACHEF
    New here trying to get advice from a real chef down to earth
  19. EnDeeJay
    EnDeeJay chrislehrer
    I became a member after reading your article on Japanese knives.
    I'm a sharpener at a shop in Chicago that has been in business for over 25 years.
    Your article is very accurate.
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  20. Chef Sharon G
    Chef Sharon G
    Private Chef in Monterey CA