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  1. Mischief
    Mischief MindfulAwareness
    I'd like to know more about the position and concept of your restaurant.
  2. carltonb
    carltonb mikeperkins
    Chef Mike, Please contact me at [email protected] and I can provide you with an avenue of access to what you are looking for.
  3. Mischief
    Mischief Maria Ramirez
    Not sure where you're located but we will have a dishwasher/cook's helper job available for the summer season in Big Sur, California.
  4. dodgerbuddy
    My mission is to help others eat healthy.
  5. dodgerbuddy
    Looking to create our Menu Board. . .
  6. semper fidelis
    semper fidelis
    The difference between good food and bad food is a pinch of salt.
  7. jtbosslady101
    Currently trying to perfect my royal icing.... bit of a task if you ask me
  8. Wheat and Fire
    Wheat and Fire
    Mobile Los Angeles Pizza and Food Caterer
  9. rick alan
    rick alan Iceman
    Iceman, I've just noticed you haven't been around for a while. I know you've had some medical issues, hope you are doing well.

    1. Iceman
      LOL. Thank you for your concern. I'm here and I'm fine. I had a little issue with/about some noise I got from Nicko about some of my posts. I just decided to go find somewhere else to play. It's NO big deal.

      Seasons Greetings ... Happy New Year.
      Peace and Love to You and Yours.
      Dec 27, 2018
  10. gul onion
    gul onion
    Currently looking for chefs in Auckland, New Zealand
  11. toddmason
    Owner/ Chef ~ Restaurant, Bar, Banquet Facilty, Catering operation.
  12. redvan
    If it's smoking, it's smoking.
  13. nicko
    nicko jakub klimczuk
    @phatch thanks for this I will pass this on to @HellaSteph . Steph is this someone to contact?
  14. osamaru
    Not a Chef or anything like that. I just like to cook and experiment. Nothing's funner than finding something that just works.
  15. osamaru
    O_O...... wow, this format is really Familiar.....
  16. gishgirl
    Classically Trained French Chef and lover of all things Chocolate
  17. Heinrich
    Heinrich rick alan
    Hi Rick Don't worry. I felt guilty to start the debatte. It's really a science to choose the right stuff. Took me 5 years to buy an Tube amp :) Have seen the Takamura's R2 there the Handle should be Japanese. Can you advise another at the same Price which you recommend for Gyuto. Not every stone and Wood goes well with the knife and some Woods do have anti bacteria properties. Have a great day Heinrich
  18. Heinrich
    Heinrich rick alan
    For beginners this is invaluable. Thank you
  19. rick alan
    rick alan Heinrich
    Oh heck, I see you did already rejoin the post!
  20. rick alan
    rick alan Heinrich
    Hey Heinrick, sorry this had to happen in your post. A pompous, pretentious BS'ing jackass like jasimo pops up around here really no more than about once or twice a year, and they usually disappear after a series of posts as he made.

    Please don't be frightened off, the mods will take care of things, and certainly you can safely continue with your post.