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  1. Flatheadfoodie
    Currently killing it in a respectable kitchen and loving it.
  2. chefross
    chefross sgmchef
    I don't know Chef....Have made bacon bits all my life, and never used a food processor.
    That's where the problem is. Well cooked bacon drained and hand chopped. End of story
    1. sgmchef
      Besides inadequate draining, I think the problem is lack of understanding the rendering process. As a technique guy, the process is the same for melting the fat out of any mixed tissue. Separate fat from muscle and bone. An important, basic concept unless all the person can do is follow a recipe... I posted a followup for her.
      May 29, 2018
  3. doraima3875
    A passionate & aspiring chef that gained a passion for eating great food and exploring crazy flavor combos.
  4. markrmoore2
    I can definitely tell summertime is here in this inferno
  5. theaterman
    theaterman annc3333
    System will not let me post recipe (*over 420 characters). Send an email and I'll return mail my recipe.
    The "discovery" was: folding a Swiss Meringue into the nearly finished mousse. (If you are making it for a Royal Visit, you could use an Italian Meringue which would give greater stability, but only if you are OK working with hot sugar syrups). [email protected]
  6. chefross
    chefross yeller
    Congrats on winning the April contest. They are fun aren't they. This is what's so cool about the site.....
    Be well and again, Kudos to you.
  7. granola girl
    granola girl ultralite1
    I read that you were interested in the Ontario kitchen. You can call me at 818.523.0911 What type of food biz are you operating? Are you established or a start up?
  8. ACHFood
    ACHFood kaneohegirlinaz
    Can you tell me your email and what you ordered? I had several sample requests come in without complete addresses and then some of the items have been on back order from high demand. I can check on your sample. Sorry for the delay!
    1. kaneohegirlinaz
      Thanks so much! I sent you a PM
      Apr 16, 2018
  9. wills
    looking to improve
  10. wills
    best thai dish
  11. aupied
    Finally back around the forums
  12. redbeerd cantu
    redbeerd cantu Chef Rizo
    If you pass your email address, I'll get a few over to you asap.
  13. tombrooklyn
  14. justacook111
    justacook111 mezzaluna
    wake ta fuck up. id love some direction plz if
  15. ACHFood
    Food and flavor are our passions. Quality, partnership, and innovation are our promises.
  16. sgsvirgil
    Retired! I will spend the rest of my days so long as I am able cooking for my beautiful bride of 43 years.
  17. phatch
    phatch nicko
    I talked with sgmchef about how to do this.
  18. sgmchef
    sgmchef nicko
    Hi Nicko,

    Thanks for all your hard work in creating a really great site!
    I don't like airing issues in public, but I can't find any way to send a private message.

    Either your "Contact us" link is down, three unanswered messages, or are moderators are avoiding me?
  19. chefross
    chefross sgmchef
    Wen to school in Wisconsin as well.....beautiful country
  20. sgmchef
    sgmchef thewolff
    Hi thewolff, you inspired me to write a topic called "salt thoughts" in the culinary student section. I used your reply to me about salt to kick the whole thing off. Seems funny that everyone teaches Molecular Gastronomy, but they don't teach about the applications and properties of one of the most commonly used ingredients. Salt.

    Anyway, thanks for the inspiration and I wish you all the success you can handle!