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everydaygourmet September 26, 2012
pictures?, and how does one use the lavender gem?, recipes please. EDG
everydaygourmet September 26, 2012
found this This citrus fruit is a white grapefruit-tangelo cross. The skin and flesh are a pale pink, the flavor sweet. It can be used in any manner appropriate for grapefruit. Lavender gems are also called wekiwas
everydaygourmet September 26, 2012
Wekiwa Wekiwa tangelo first came from California in 1930 but was not introduced to the public in Florida until the1980's. Wekiwa is a hybrid of Sampson Tangelo and a grapefruit and therefore should be called a tangelolo. It is delicious, very juicy, of average size for mandarins. The tree is not vigorous but it is very productive and the fruit ripen in January. Wekiwa is unlike any other tangelo because it looks like a mini grapefruit. Under favorable conditions rind pink-blushed and flesh amber-pink. Early in maturity. Wekiwa is also known as Pink tangelo and Lavender Gem. Other tangelo varieties include: Florida, Sunrise, Thornton, Webber and Williams ENGMinneola, Pearl, Orlando, Sunshine, Allspice, Mandalo and Wekiwa tangelosFRATangelos Minneola, Pearl, Orlando, Sunshine, Allspice, Mandalo et Wekiwa.

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