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Holiday Entertaining-Cocktails
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How To Roast and Carve a Turkey
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Pesto v3.0
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La Jolie Chef wrote on halb's profile.
Thx Halb for your response ; I nudged her saying no contract no party and she did send it . And is going to pay me remaining balance a head of time with approx labor.
I am going to fine tune my contract so that it is iron clad and precise.
Thanks again.
La Jolie Chef
:D It is a privilege offering you Super healthy Whole-foods that will fuel your body what it needs to achieve optimal health. :D
ChefMike09 wrote on chefbuba's profile.
Hey chef im opening up a burger food truck and was reading forums and see you also have a burger food truck, id like to pick your brain please PM me thanks!
nas102295 wrote on Narek's profile.
PM me. I’m interested and I got a resume on hand to send
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