Cooking With Kids
By redbeerd cantu  /  May 14, 2020

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chefbillyb wrote on Miseenfit's profile.
Gi into Facebook and join ChefTalk. I think you'll find more of what you're looking for that old School is still in session......Take care.......Bill
rick alan wrote on phaedrus's profile.
Hey Phaedrus, I recall some years ago you mentioned seeing BDL on some blog site called something like Barista. com , but that doesn't seemed to be the right site. What was the actual name please. Thanks

I believe the world is a better place when functional things are also beautiful
Hi All,
Searching for ideas on how to do a salad bar during these Covid 19 times,
I am at a small Yacht club so it's private members only .i would like to get creative with bringing back the salad bar and ideas from others on what they might be implementing would be great .
So far thinking about pre packaging and self serve but then there is the cost. and waste of containers .
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