[h1]Cooking Term[/h1]
Zephyr:  (Zéphyre) (the name mean literally “a light Wind”) the name is given to various savoury and sweet dishes, served Hot or Cold. Characterized by a light and frothy consistency.

It is often a soufflé. The name is also given to quenelles, mousses, or small savoury puddings made in darriole moulds. Consisting of pounded lean veal, chicken meat or fish mixed with butter, egg yolks and either fresh ceam or stiffly whisked egg whites.

In the west indies Zephyres are balls of vanilla and rum Ice cream surrounded by meringue shells and accompanied by Chocolate Zabaglione.

They can also be small light cakes made of layers of sweet pastry or meringue covered with praline- or coffee flavoured butte cream, sandwished together, then iced (frosted) with fondant.