The dancing flames of a large open gas burning commercial range seem to beg for a pot or a pan to be used, to create a scrumptious dish that will leave your family and friends ooh-ing and aah-ing. Perhaps a fabulous outdoor kitchen set up is part of your dream house, and a large piece of commercial equipment would complete the look. Or maybe, you want to upgrade your refrigerator or freezer to something with more oomph.

Think again.

Commercial kitchen equipment is not made for residential use. Let’s take a look at why:
  • Your home fire insurance will not cover any damages from the equipment, as you will be using equipment that is not specified for residential use.
  • Commercial ranges are very hot to the touch; little kids may receive burns easily.
  • Clearances must be accurate (3 – 4”) with non-combustibles on all surfaces sides and back.
  • Commercial refrigerators and freezers will throw a lot of heat off in the room.
  • Commercial refrigerators are extremely noisy during compressor cycle times (freight train noise!)
  • All commercial kitchen appliances require a lot more energy output to operate, thus resulting in high utility bills.
Although the larges beautiful knobs and wide open work surfaces of a professional range beckon for home chefs to create their culinary masterpieces, consider them more as beautiful sirens calling you towards misfortune. Stay clear of installing commercial equipment in your home and be wary of anyone who knowingly tries to sell you commercial equipment for residential use.