Describe 'why a chef you ask?' here

Being a chef is hard. Its a lot of work and its takes up a lot of time. But its the best choice I have ever made. Not only do I get to eat all I want all day but I also get to learn and increase my knowledge as a Pastry chef.
When it comes to being a chef the main thing is not about if you can cook. But also can u teach someone, without you teaching them in a direct attempt for them to learn. There are a lot of chefs that I've known and I learned a lot because of them. Just by how their work ethic is. And they probably have no idea that I learned anything from them.....thats a CHEF.
Before you make that guranteed decision to become a chef. Ask yourself "what don't I like about it" because its pretty apparent why u want to become a chef. But if you can answer that question honest and really know if you can live with that because it can make you better person or a more structured individual. Or you can find absolutely NOTHING you don't like about it. That's when you will know. And that's when your life will change, or better yet begin.