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  Hi Folks:

This is a derivative from the ever popular Vietnamese "Nem Cua Bể" of a Seaport City (Hai-Phong) in North Vietnam.  Typically, the Vietnamese would use rice paper skin to wrap them up in a square fashion but in the US I've tried the filo skins, which turned out just fine.


- 1.5 lbs Dungeness crab meat

- 1 lb ground pork

- 1 small bundle bean threads (soaked and diced about 1" long)

- 1 cup julianed "wood ears" (black fungus)

- 2 tbsp fishsauce

- 1 tsp ground pepper

- 2 egg whites (for binding agents)

- Filo skins

Basic Ingredients


* First, we mix the ground porks and other ingredients for them to combine except the crab meats & egg whites.  Add in the crabmeats combine loosely then egg white at last.   They should combine to become a sticky paste for stuffing.

Crab paste, ready for stuffing

Buttering the filo skin

With crab stuffing

Fold up per triangular shape

Pile up for the oven

* We buttered the filo skin, fold into a width about 2", place about a spoonful of the stuffing, then fold it according the triangular zoloft shape.  Repeat the process until we're done with all the stuffing.

* Place filo crab cakes on a baking sheet, bake in preheated oven @ 350F; it'd be done (golden crispy) after about 30 minutes.  This version of Vietnamese crab cakes could be paired with hot & sour sauce luxury hotels (readily avaible to be sold @ many Asian Grocers).

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