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Pita Haya, in Latin, Hylocereus Triangularis is from the tropcial fruit family called Opuntias. This fruit hails from Colombia and later, has extended to Mexico.

This spiny yellow, red or white exotic sensational tropical delicacy comes in 3 colors ( exterior).

The interior has a texture very similar to a Kiwi except that the pulp is snow white and it has edible black tiny tiny seeds like a kiwi. This fruit is eaten in the same manner as a kiwi. In Catalonia, The Iberian Peninsula, the Canary Islands and Murcia, Spain, all three colors are being cultivated and are doing well.

Gloves should be worn when slicing due to the prickly cactus like spiny exterior texture.

This fruit is used in icecream making, as a fruit and in salads.