On the bucket-list for DH and I is to drive the entire length of the Pacific Coast Highway.  Now, we’ve already completed a good portion of Oregon a few years ago, as well as part of southern California last year. 

Road trips are a fantastic way to see the Country, we think anyway. 

Also, we can taste foods that may not be available to us.

For our blast-off days, I like to have at least one meal prepared ahead to take with us.  Hand held is best and not crumble-y.


Breakfast burritos fit that bill nicely.

I took flour tortillas, softened them in the micro and then made up some scrambled eggs, sweet Italian sausage, sprinkled shredded Jack & Cheddar cheese and house-made Italian style roasted Red Peppers (heavy on the garlic).

Just before we hit the trail, I nuke them and stash those babies in a thermal lunch bag for later.  This adventure started at 6 o’clock in the morning and we weren’t ready to eat yet.

My Mister doesn’t like to stop other than to gas up or rest stop (and California had some really nice rest stops).  So lunch is in the car and that’s why it can’t be messy.  After polling some CT members, I decided on Stromboli for our lunch.

Again, made ahead and then served at room temp.


My homemade Pizza dough rolled out into roughly the size of a half sheet pan, spread some pesto, diced Hot Cherry Peppers, my Italian style Roasted Red Peppers, Hot Cappa, herbed Ham and sharp Provolone cheese.  Gave it a tight roll up, then egg wash to make it pretty and into the hot box it went.  Man, it was all we could do to resist gobbling that down, well, we did have to sample a slice.


Our first stop was Anaheim.  No, not DisneyLand.  We are both history buffs, so it was Nixon’s Presidential Library and Museum.  Fascinating.  After a long day in Yorba Linda we went looking for someplace to eat.  Can you believe we decided on Tony Roma’s?

It wasn’t that bad really.  I ordered braised Short ribs with Garlic mash and DH had a Rib Eye basic dinner (steamed broccoli and a baker).

Wagons Ho!  Onward up the coast to Carmel-By-The-Sea.  I spent many a childhood summer here with my Grandmother and have very fond memories.

The drive was breathtaking.

We’re cruising along and my husband yells out, “what the heck is that?”

He’s from the big city and had never seen oil drills, sometimes they go on for miles.

Nor had he seen Sea Gulls in a swimming pool.

I like to research places before we go there and make a list of restaurants to possibly try.  Sunday Brunch is something we like to do at home, so I found an uber cute, tiny place as most are in Carmel.  Space seems to be at a premium.  For myself, I ordered a Spinach/Green Onion/Dungeness Crab Egg Benedict, half order please.  My choice for side was fresh fruit.  With that said, it just screamed Mimosa, right?  I was served a generous glass made with freshly squeezed OJ, yum.

Poor husband requested the Meatloaf, which frankly, was not edible, so I didn’t bother with a photo of that. 

The next day, Mr. K~girl wasn’t feeling well, so he stayed in to rest while I went out to the beach and had a lovely late lunch.  I didn’t forget him, I got him a take away of a simple char-grilled Salmon plate with jasmine rice and some julienne assorted veg.  That was the first time that I have dinned alone in many years, it was lovely actually.  I ordered two apps, Crab cocktail, sauce on the side please and a Caesar Salad and I had to have a glass of California wine.  It’s nice to have a restaurant all to yourself.  That time between lunch and dinner is quiet.  The staff are taking a breather and most of the folk outside are busy with other things.  The waitress brought me the dessert menu as I finished that glass of wine, so got DH a piece of Chocolate cake to make him smile.

I hadn’t been to Santa Cruz since I was in College.  What happened here? 

Oh well, on to SF!!

I was SO looking forward to showing San Francisco to my husband.

Everything, the sights, the sounds, the food.

The food, now that was a disappointment.

We went to some of the so called top rated this, best that restaurants and walked away dejected.  Though my husband says that he’s not a foodie, at one place he took one bite of his pasta, put his fork down and did not take another. 

“Chef Boyardee is better than this” was all he could say, other than asking for the check.  I didn’t bother with any photos of our meals in San Fran, but it was beautiful.  We did a lot of things and we decided that we’d go back again another time.


One bright and shining star in this segment of the trip was going to the last Home Game of the SF Giants.  I had my beer and dog along with Gilroy garlic fries.

That one 16 once beer was $9.75!!  WOWIE!  California is expensive.

Oh, and driving over the Golden Gate bridge was a must-do too.


Let’s motor on to Crescent City California.

That was a LONG drive, but absolutely gorgeous.

The Coastal Redwoods are truly something to see.

We were lucky and got a few nice, clear days as well as foggy ones.

We kept hearing seals barking from our hotel, but couldn’t figure out where that was coming from.  A very nice woman had suggested a spot for lunch down by the harbor.  It was one of those nice days, people at the beach, surfers in the waves, and seals on the floating docks!


I couldn’t get enough of those guys, as for my husband, he was hungry.

I found him inside the restaurant having already ordered our beverages.

Lunch was Clam strips & chips for me and fish tacos for him.  Yummy, I haven't had that in the longest time!

It was time to trek it back towards home.

Its way too far from the California/Oregon border back to AZ, so we planned a stop in Yosemite. 

The Giant Sequoias are spectacular.

The food, well.  We stayed outside of the Park in the small town of Oakhurst, and the #1 rated place to eat was the grocery store!  Thank goodness our hotel room had a microwave and mini ‘fridge.  I made our suppers using fresh fruit and produce from the farmer’s stand and some roasted chicken at Von’s.

My husband paid me the best compliment, he said that I have spoiled him in regards to food.  He said that he couldn’t wait to get back to normal cooking.