Sangría & Flamenco in Andalusia ...

From its humble Andalusian roots during the 1800s, this wine - party festive punch was first introduced outside of Spain, at the Spanish Pavilion at The World´s Fair in 1964 in Flushing, Queens in the city of New York.

This 4 seasonal festive and bar wine punch is made from the following ingredients and each family and each tavern or restaurant has their own recipe:

Dry un-oaked or Crianza Red wine ( La Rioja, Castilla La Mancha, Andalusia and Valencia bottled red wines ) 

Freshly chopped Fruit: apple. berries. peaches. grapes. pineapple. oranges. lemon.


Orange Juice ( fresh squeezed )

Sweetened Club Soda called " Casera " or Regular Club Soda ( young people substitute 7- Up or similar) 

Cassis or another Fruit Brandy

Sparkling Wine, Lambrusco or Cava

Furthermore, this popular Andalusian festive wine punch is like Flamenco, colorful, popular and is drunk at family get togethers and parties predominately during the warmer months. It is very common to see Andalusians drinking Sangría at family Barbecues, entertaining friends in groups or while lunching on Paella. There are 44.500.000 people living in Spain, and the majority drink a home made family recipe of Sangría during such events. What is even more interesting, is that the spread of this festive punch to countries which do share the same native language.

Some traditional recipes from the 1800s contain cinammon, clove, nutmeg, honey and ginger. Other Sangrías, are made from White Wines or Cava.

Sangría is the most popular mixed party wine drink in the country both in Andalusia and in other cities and Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Tobago, Trinidad, Argentina and Mexico.

The key reason is that good wine even on the Iberian Peninsula can be expensive and the Andalusians are party people, thus, sangría can be made from a non-fermented in oak barrel red wine at a lower price.

The legend lives on. Olé.  Sangría is like Flamenco ... A beverage that is enjoyed worldwide.