Yesterday was preparation for tonight. Tonight we eat.  That mess of stuff Duck Skin Rendering has become wonderful cracklings.  It's hard to resist fresh deep fried duck skin sprinkled with lime salt.  This almost did not make it to dinnertime.

Starters were amazing.  Pickles, some duck pate, Heidi made a fresh Ciabatta for the meal.  Yeah, there is a dirty plate in the picture, some crumbs, a half eaten piece of bread, half a glass of wine.  THIS IS THE LIFE PEOPLE!  ;)

Then we ate the confit with a little salad.  To crisp up the legs just put them on a rack and roast them in the oven.  And we ate more bread of course.

A quick description on the sauce.  This is the demi.  Before you ask, it is not made the Escoffier way.  It is a pure stock reduction.

 This is a mess of white wine, OJ, shallots.  I was going for a Bigarade sauce but a little less like a marmalade.  It turned out OK.  Reduce this to almost dry, like it's a syrup, add above demiglace, reduce to sauce consistency.  Keep a spoon in there and keep playing with it until it feels right.  Put it through a fine strainer at the end.
Dinner is served.  Some glazed carrots and a potato terrine rounds out the plate.  The Duck breast was cooked sous vide.   I learned this method from a guy who goes by Pirate-chef on the Cheftalk forum.  The temperature was 57C for 3 hours.  Then it was chilled, then reheated, removed from the package, and then seared.  I say "seared" it's not a hot pan. Still nice and pink.

Start the duck in a cold pan on low heat.  The duck skin will render (really a duck is all about the fat) and when most of it has rendered turn the heat up to medium.  Keep removing the duck fat as it renders.  Save it for something else like duck fat hash browns or something.

I don't have a dessert photo.  Dessert was Apple Pie.