Authentic? Not in the slightest.
Delicious? Absolutely!

Most people see the ingredient list and shy away, however for most people out there, they have all this stuff in their pantry, cooler, or garden.

The complexity of the flavors of this dish is just soul warming. I’m no master chef but I’m no rookie either, the fact is I don’t use set recipes (except for baking). When I set out to make something, I find the ingredients and procedure and keep altering it little by little until I’m pleased with it.

Many people ask me “how do you make that?” Unfortunately the only answer I can give is, what is in it and how I do it. As far as the amounts I use is all based on what purpose the food is for.

Love this dish because it’s so versatile. Swap out the veggies with whatever you want (or what you have in the fridge) and use any meat or you can skip the meat and make it vegetarian (I believe it even qualifies as vegan too.) You can make it as spicy as you like by adding Sriracha or rich as you want with the coconut milk. Really you can’t go wrong making this dish.

Sorry for not giving amounts but to be honest, I just keep tasting until it’s up to spec. Believe it or not I had most the ingredients in my fridge, and the rest in the garden.

The sauce I do ahead of time so I can get it to the consistency I like before it’s added to the main dish. Saute the garlic, ginger root, turmeric root and lemon grass in sesame oil first until fragrant. Then start to make a base for the sauce, then complete it with the coconut milk and lime, then reduce to the consistency you like. As you can see I won’t add the fresh basil or cilantro until I’m ready to eat to keep the integrity of the herbs.


Sesame Oil
Ginger Root
Turmeric Root
Lemon Grass
Red Curry Paste
Soy Sauce
Hoisin Sauce
Rice Wine Vinegar
Fish Sauce
Coconut Milk
Lime Zest and Juice

SIDE NOTE: Add a little peanut butter to the sauce and reduced it to make it nice and thick, and used it on wings….Delicious! Like it said before altering it for the purpose of the food.

I marinate the meat for an hour before a quick saute in a very hot pan with sesame oil to get that nice color. I usually cook the meat about half way and let it rest in a bowl and add it later after the veggies are close to being done.


Thinly Cut Pork
Chinese Five Spice
Red Pepper Flake

Since the pan was just used to saute the meat there is a lot of flavor at the bottom that we want. Add a bit more sesame oil and throw in the veggies in a hot pan. The moisture from veggies loosens up the stuff at the bottom of the pan as a deglaze and will shallow steam the rest of the veggies.


White Onion
Bell Peppers
Jalapenos (or Red Chilies)

Once the veggies are almost done, add the meat and the sauce (throw in the fresh herbs now and simmer to let everything meld. I garnish with a little green onion.

You can serve it over white rice, rice noodles, even riced cauliflower for a grain free option, or you can just make a soup out of it if you like. Again the versatility of this dish is amazing allowing you to add any personal touch you like.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a writer and don't usually write articles. I'm sure my writing style makes people cringe and with my grammar I'm sure its frustrating to read my work....However, I just wanted to share this with the community...Cheers!!