Tagging Overview

Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and any other major search engine has changed the game for product discoverability. Your site connects its members and visitors directly to products, and these are products people are asking about, researching, and thinking about buying - this notion is incredibly empowering. Tagging gives a site the ability to harness this intent, and lead people to make excellent purchasing decisions while making some cash yourself. This is literally a win-win, so keep reading because this is the best thing in your life. 

There are various ways to tag on your site. Let's list off the main examples:
  • “Brand” tag: The brand name of a product. (e.g.: Samsung, Chefmate, Maybelline, etc.)
  • “Category” tag: The category of a product, or the group in which it belongs. (e.g.: Breastfeeding, Headphones, Shoes, etc.)
  • “Misc.” tag: These can vary, but are more topical and extraneous than category/product/brand based. (e.g.: face, injury, eyes, etc.)
  • “Item” tag: A specific product. (e.g.: The Great Gatsby Blu-ray 3D UltraViolet DVD Combo Pack)
But what happens after you tag? Let’s make some more bullet points:
  • Tags allow a thread to be seen on the product page where people may be making a purchase decision.
  • Product tags are precise. A discussion thread called "The Official HD800 Appreciation Thread" is technically about "Headphones" (a “Category” tag) but it is even more specifically about the Sennheiser HD800 headphones. The most precise tag to apply is the product tag.
  • Related content gets pulled into the thread sidebar.
  • Affiliate prices are pulled into the thread (logged-out users) or the thread sidebar (logged-in users).
       Logged-out view

       Logged-in view

Not only has the team tagged up all kinds of site resources, they even populated the new carousel. Now all of Mothering's best Pregnancy content can be browsed in one place. When the AVS Forum team went to the CEDIA show in Denver last month, they tagged up all the threads and images that were posted from the event. Now there's a single, elegant page where all of them can be found. Think about how this concept can apply to your site's most salient topics.

Amazing, and useful, right?

Over the past many months, our Huddler team has vastly improved these tagging capabilities, and we're happy to spread the good word - with far more emphasis, this time.
[h1]Tagging Mechanics[/h1]
Firstly, go to a thread or article that contains a product-oriented conversation or topic. The product might even be in the title of the thread or article, which is basically a big marquee indicator for tagging.

There are two ways of using the tagging tools:

  1. The tagging box on the right hand sidebar.
  2. Power-tagging within a post, thread, or article.
[hr][/hr][h2]Tag Box[/h2]

This tool works similarly as it always has, but with major upgrades that make tagging more foolproof while being quick and easy.

Simply start typing a product name into the box.

You will notice a list of “items” (items = products) begin populating below. Once you spot the correct item for tagging, click on the “+” sign next to the item name and it will automatically tag. Also note, when an item is tagged and you’re adding additional tags, a checkmark will appear on the left side of the items already tagged. Convenience win!

Repeat this same process to continue tagging. NOTE: you can tag multiple items when the dropdown list has populated, so if you already know of a few specific products discussed in that particular thread or article, select as many as desired!

To undo a tagging selection, simply click the “X” to the left side of the tag.
How is power-tagging different from normal tagging? Must you have a superpower to wield it? Or wear a sweatband when in action? The latter is completely up to you, but power-tagging is a specific setting that grants a tagger maximum abilities to tag faster and more purposefully. Here’s how.

Just above the sidebar tagging box, you’ll see a link that reads “Select text to tag."

Select this and you will be greeted with a pop-up message. Select “Enable” - now you have the ability to highlight items/products within user posts (be it threads, articles, thread/article titles, etc.) and tag directly.

Now, highlight what you want to tag, and a fun tag button will appear.

Click on the tag button, and a similar tag bar from what is fixed on the right side of your window will show. This tag toolbar is nearly identical to the one in the sidebar, with one exception. It will automatically pull in and search for your highlighted text and show you any matching tags so you don't even have to type in the name of the item. If the text you highlighted isn't quite doing it though, you can always type the item, find the item, select the item, click away. Done. Rinse and repeat.

Another great tool is the "Untagged Threads" filter, found in any forum under the same drop down you find "New Posts," "Hot Threads," "Unanswered," etc. Looking for threads that need tags? This will filter the list to show only those. 

[hr][/hr][h2]Adding an Item[/h2]
In the above example, you’ll notice “The Great Gatsby (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + UltraViolet Combo Pack ” isn’t listed as an item. Never fear! The option for “Add a new item” becomes your new best friend. Use this function when the tag you’re looking for isn’t populating for selection. To then add an item, follow these steps.

Select “Add a new item”. 

A new tab will open with a pre-populated product list that are suggestions for which product you’re looking for and need to add.

When you find the correct item, click on it. You will be prompted to pick a category for the new item.

Once selected, hit “Save and Continue.” This will automatically import the product and bring you to its new product page.

Once there, select “Tag” in the upper right hand corner of the product page. This will give you a prompt message that the product name has been added to your computer’s clipboard (basically a convenient copy and paste), hit “OK.”

Go to the original thread/article tab where you were creating the item and paste the product name (that was just copied to your clipboard) in the tag window.

The new item will appear in the dropdown window, hit the “+” sign. Baddabing, baddaboom. You’ve just added an item/product to the site AND tagged said item to the thread. You’re a gosh darn rockstar.