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  1. chef claire
    Anyone have a reliable potsticker dough recipe?  Thanks.
  2. hank
    I have a suggestion.  A website I participate in, totally unrelated to cooking, has a "low content/no content" thread in many of the more popular forums.  The idea is that easy questions that probably won't generate a lot of replies, general comments, cool stuff you found etc. can be posted in one place.  This cuts down on the number of new threads so that subjects don't move down the pages so quickly.  What do you think of doing that here, maybe one each in the professional food service and cooking discussion areas to see if it catches on?
    This kind of thread tends to build a sense of community among the active members in a forum.  If a thread gets too long it can be closed and restarted monthly.  Even things unrelated to cooking can be discussed, although politics and religion are usually forbidden. 
  3. hank
    I won the November challenge but I don't have that spiffy badge at the bottom of my posts.  Is this an oversight or do I need to do something
  4. aplomb
    for some reason a few months ago I stopped getting email notifications.  I messed with the settings again and it seems all are set for immediate email notification
  5. chefette pinky
    need help teaching kids to cook in a fun way   Help!!!!!!   :)
  6. babystore
    I cannot change my signature because of "You are not permitted to edit this signature.". Why?