The newest cheese in Judith Schad's repertoire of fine American cheeses in the French style is the SOFIA. Judith Schad is the award-winning farmstand cheese maker in Greenville, Indiana who is always experimenting, and always achieving excellent results in her pursuit of taste and knowledge. Hand-made from fresh acidic curd, this cheese, a truncated brick in shape, is layered with several strata of vegetable ash in the center, covered with a layer of vegetable ash around the entire surface of the cheese, and ripened with a light white mold over the ashen surface. The texture is dense and creamy, with a delicate liquidity developing under the rind, as it ages. The flavor is slightly tart and acidic, becoming more mellow with affinage.

As with all soft-ripened cheeses, this cheese should be stored un-wrapped to allow the flourished rind to develop. Serve as a cheese course, or with a fresh green salad. It is also a good compliment to fruit. And of course, one's wine of choice!!!!

P.S. What an honor to have a cheese named after oneself. THANK YOU JUDY!!!