This is a tutorial for all you servers and cook out there that serve a lemon garnish with iced tea.

I have a problem understanding the mind set here.

Most all places serve iced tea with a lemon twist or a lemon sliced into a wheel, hanging on the side of the glass or in a small ramekin. 

While this may be pretty to look at, it is not functional.

In a mixed drink, lemon adds flavor but only if its' juice is released. Other than that, it is a simple garnish.So here I am trying to use this slice to add lemon juice to my tea and I get the juice all over my hands and half the juice splattered on the plates or the table in front of me.

I want to show you all a better way that leaves the guests fingers clean and dry.

I created a pictorial to follow along:

First, cut the ends off the lemon.

Next, cut the lemon in half lengthwise.

Now use your knife to cut out the center pith and remove any visible seeds.

Next cut each half into 4 wedges.

And....Viola you now have a wedge that you can hold on to and squeeze into your iced tea without the juice flying all over the place, AND....your fingers stay clean and dry.

This much more user friendly than a sliced wheel. If you want foo-foo, slice a niche into the lemon wedge and hang it on the side of the glass as well.

Bon Appetit