well herbs an d seasoning got their value such as meat too into they calories and etc......

lets start from the start plants and fruits!.

they have all their values too. such as in protein as well as their medicinal values 

some plants and their fruit been used in medicine for centuries.

some of the seasoning too and evn been employed and exploited for their culinary values as well as their rarities such as truffles and many others. and some as Safran too for the amount of time it take to be harvested.

OK but lets conecntrate really and the main context of what are they really.

living thing to make the best or us!

to make people feel better!

( forgeting the underline the commerce that imply!

before all the or saying the context of vocabulary or the Alphabete.

Alkaloid: a powerful constituent of a plant, like Morphine, nitrogen base

Analgesic: pain-relieving

Antiseptic: counteract infections, or slowing down & stopping the growth of bacteria

Antiscorbutic: helping the lack in Vitamin C, caused by disease such as scurvy

Astringent: close down the organic tissues helping to the growth of the tissues

Carminative: helping on your flatulence by disposing of your farting.

Diuretic: help on your flow of urine by stimulating it. Cleaning the body in the same process, “a Vidange” for a car

Demulcent: soothing, relieves irritation

Emetic: causing vomiting, to be avoided. Or in case of cleansing of the stomach it self.

Evergreen: retaining leaves all year around

Expectorant: to clear the phlegm from the bronchial tubes

Febrifuge: to reduce fever

Flatulence: condition in the stomach or bowels, causing wind

Infusion: steeping a herb or spices in water to extract its active principals

Laxative: relaxes and loosens the bowels

Narcotic: a substance that, according to dosage, soothes pain or induce stupefaction or death.

Nervine: for nervous disorder

Purgative: to evacuate the bowel, a laxative.

Rhizone: the underground stem part of the root

Sedative: to calm nerves

Tisane: an infusion or tea made with several spices or herbs like a tonic

Tuber: a swollen portion of the root (potato e.g)

Vermifuge: destroy and expel intestinal worms

Vulnerary heal wounds

right now we have a start of a new section..............................................................

tuffle imply to that context and more...........................