a say has been said once "if you have a sage upon your garden you do not need a doctor!"  all type plants are used upon cooking and usage are known just for their degustative points,,,,

but here are inside of what some of them can do!.

Variety: red sage, Purple sage,, golden sage, common or dwarf variety

Part use: leaves, flower, seed.

Actions: astringent, tonic, stimulant, cleanser, anti-septic, relaxant,
The name Sage came from the Latin name meaning Save or salvation, it is said to render Men or women  Immortal

Internal: As infusion to relief headache, nervous tensions, or to promote menstruation,

External: As an antiseptic gargle  & mouth wash for soar throats, mouth ulcers, & bleeding gums, the gargle can be used as an antiseptic dressing