One of my clients calls younger workers hummingbirds because they flutter from job to job. While it's difficult to get Generation X workers to stay put, it's not impossible.

We suggest you follow these strategies:

  • Ask them for their opinions. Studies have shown that one way to reduce turnover with younger employees is to convince them that you value their opinions. Involve employees in decisions, especially when those decisions affect them.
  • Be willing to take the time to meet with and listen to employees, as much as they need or want. There is a difference between hearing and listening. To really listen you must ask questions, give feedback, remain objective, read between the lines, and decipher body language.
  • Personally thank employees for doing a good job - one on one - verbally, in writing, or both. Do it in a timely manner, often and sincerely. Celebrate 'employee of the moment' every day. 
  • Give them some space. Younger workers don't like bosses who hover over them. They want to work at their own pace. Help them set their goals and them give them the freedom to reach those goals any way they see fit.

Build Fun Into the Work Environment. People are more productive and accomplish more when they're having fun. When you look at highly successful companies, Southwest Airlines, Disney, and Ben & Jerry's, all encourage a sense of play.

Information. Employees want more than ever to know how they are doing in their jobs and how the company is doing in its business. Start telling them how the company makes money and how it spends money. Make sure there are ample channels of communication to provide performance feedback, encourage employees to be informed, ask questions and share information.

Let them see your face. Despite the fact that most younger workers are comfortable with technology, they also put a premium on face-to-face interaction and feedback on their performance. They more you can meet with them, the happier they will be.

Focus on short-term incentives. Younger workers want incentives such as flexible work schedules, performance-based monetary incentives, increased freedom in the workplace, and other programs where they can reap the benefits immediately. Long-term "big picture" incentives, such as 401(k) plans, are not as effective in recruiting or retaining younger workers.

Give people a chance to grow and learn new skills. Show them how you can help them meet their goals within the context of meeting the organization's goals. Training and development are not the only options that keep employees loyal, but they are considered to be an integral part of why employees go and stay at organizations

Recognize and reward your employees for a job well done. Before you know it, they won't want to leave.

I challenge you to pick two of these strategies and focus on them for the next 60 days. I guarantee you will see results!!!