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    Here’s a list of books and websites that are useful for the home baker and also the professional, whether you’re a novice or experienced. Most offer a plethora of recipes, and many include text that is even more interesting. A few in fact could be considered scholarly on the fascinating subject of bread and are as interesting to read as they are to bake from. Some are classics; some are new. These are just a few suggestions; the list could be much longer.


    Bernard Clayton’s Complete Book of Breads

    By Bernard Clayton, Jr.

    Bread Alone

    By Daniel Leader and Judith Blahnik

    The Bread Baker’s Apprentice

    By Peter Reinhart

    The Bread Builders

    By Daniel Wing and Alan Scott

    Crust and Crumb

    By Peter Reinhart

    The Book of Bread

    By Judith and Evan Jones

    English Bread and Yeast Cookery

    By Elizabeth David

    Flatbreads and Flavors

    By Jeffery Alford and Naomi Duguid

    From a Baker’s Kitchen

    By Gail Sher

    The History of Bread

    By Bernard Dupaigne

    The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book

    By Laurel Robertson, with Carol Flinders and Bronwen Godfrey

    Six Thousand Years of Bread

    By H. E. Jacob

    The Tassajara Bread Book

    By Edward Espe Brown


    A site all about baking, including breads.

    Botham and Son’s Bakery

    The Website of an English bakery with an excellent page on bread history.

    Bread Baker’s Guild of America

    Professional Bread Baker’s Site, an great resource for the home baker as well.

    A site all about bread.

    The Bread Museum

    (Click on the English flag for English Language)

    Encarta On Line Encyclopedia

    Link to its page on bread, with in depth info on its history and how it’s made.

    Educational food history site with excellent info on breads.

    Spells out the fundamentals of bread making in plain Enflish.

    King Arthur Flour

    An employee-owned flour company

    An ingredient resource for the home baker, with a lot of baking info as well.

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