[h1]Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream[/h1][h1]The seventh in a series on ice creams, custards and sorbets[/h1]
Jim Berman CCI

Fall. Halloween. Pumpkin. And ice cream is always on the calendar. This installment in the series on frozen desserts covers a genuine fall staple. Pumpkin shows up in everything as of late, but I have always been a fan of pumpkin pie ice cream. From back in the day as a wee, curly haired chubby kid causing general mayhem on the streets of Pittsburgh, I used to wander in to Baskin Robbins and ask for a sample of their Pumpkin ice ice cream. And ask for another. And another. When I say mayhem, I really mean... I was a brat. But I liked ice cream. And pumpkin had nowhere near the menu presence it does today. My olfactory and trigeminal response systems are still finely tuned to sigh with deep remembrance of those by-gone days. I still close my eyes with the first taste of Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream, even when it comes out of my own ice cream maker; something about the comfort of something so familiar yet so ancient in my own timeline. I can still see the little purple-pinkish spoons used to sample at Baskin Robbins, the smell of the freezers (I guess) and even see the polka-dotted containers that used to house the take-out pints and quarts. Here is my take on Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream to create your own memory:

3 cups, Heavy cream

1 quart, Whole milk

1 cup, granulated sugar

½ teaspoon, salt

1 teaspoon, vanilla extract

2 cups, solid pack pumpkin

1 teaspoon, ground cinnamon

Pinch, nutmeg

¾ cup, pie crust scraps, baked, rough crumble

Combine all but the pie crust and pour into an ice cream/frozen dessert maker per manufacturer’s instructions. I use the Lello-Musso Pola 5030 and have found that this ice cream takes about 20 minutes to set. Stir in the crust bits after the machine has stopped and remove to a freezer and allow the flavors to bloom 6 to 8 hours.