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[h3]FAQ:[/h3]Are my POURfect Bowls, Cups, and Spoons microwave and dishwasher safe?Yes they are safe in the dishwasher. They are safe in the microwave to re-heat items to 212 F but not "cook" with.What is the correct way to hold my POURfect bowl?Place the palm of your hand on the bowl under the grip and grasp the grip between your thumb and index finger. Holding this unique bowl this way will distribute the weight of the bowl and ingredients up your arm making it easier to handle heavy ingredients!Can I use my Electric Hand Mixer with my POURfect bowls?It is safe to use an emersion blender with the bowls however using an electric hand mixer could scratch the bowl.Are the measurements on the measuring cup accurate for dry and liquid ingredients?The measuring cups are 100% accurate for dry ingredients when leveled off at the top of the cup. POURfect drip-less beakers are 100% accurate for measuring liquid ingredients.What is the "leveler" piece used for on the spoons?The leveler is used to level off the ingredients that are measured in the spoon to ensure it is 100% accurate.[h3] [/h3]