Pictures from the ACF Convention in Kansas City

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  1. My last ACF convention was in Chicago 14 years ago.  A lot has changed since then.  Students are getting better and the food is more complex.  Chefs are creating amazing things using lesser cuts of meat, budgets are getting tighter, kitchen brigade styles are changing, and so on and so on.

    Anyway here is a glimpse of what happens at these conventions.  The following group of five photos are from the Chef of the Year competition.  Four finalists compete.  Each chef has to present four different dishes.  One of each, for a total of four different dishes, has to be complete in one hour as the presentation.  Then they have to cook and present four of each to the judges for tasting.  This year's feature item was quail.  Enjoy some of the pictures below:

    Note:  I would like to stress that even with all the innovative and trendy stuff that's featured on magazine covers all over the world, there is no substitute for good basic cooking.  These dishes show great butchery and sauce making, combined with good knife work and a little bit of pastry skill.

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  1. kuan
    The format of the competition dictates what you can do or cannot do.  In this case the provided protein was quail.  Also, there are pretty standard guidelines about what we and the judges tend to think of as a balanced plate.  It needs to contain a certain amount of protein, carbohydrate, and vegetables.  So no, unless specified you will not see much vegetarian center of plate options.
  2. gourmetmet
    Good to see the culinary students using lesser cuts of meat.  More flavor and better utilization.  How did this crop of students do putting vegetables on the plate?  Did any of them try making a vegetable the main attraction?