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Pecorino. For the traveller to Italia, one of the loveliest sights is a rolling green landscape dotted with cypress trees and umbrella pines, and a faded rose or ocre villa. For the knowledgeable gastronomic aficionado, the pungent, aged ewe milk cheese called Pecorino, the pride and joy of Sardinia, Sicily and the southern Po Valley or Tuscany under the name Pecorino Toscana.

Pecorino is a pungent aged complex sharp and slightly biting cheese and are predominately used on carpacchio, grated on pasta dishes, however, are lovely served in salads with almonds, walnuts and fruit at the end of a meal too.

Pecorino Romano: Sardinia or the Po Valley :  100% latte di pecora, which means the cheese is made from ewe´s milk 100%

Pecornio Sardo called Fiore Sardo:  Sardinia´s hill country, the finest and most expensive of the genre of Pecorino cheeses    

Pecorino Toscana: Tuscany