The first day is the building of pate fermentee. To minimize browsing boredom, I'll spare you those pics. This is the final dough, built with pate fermentee, bread flour and durum flour.

Here's the unfermented dough.

2 1/2 hours later it has more than doubled in size. You can see the 2 "blow holes" starting to develop. The dough is borderline slack.

The shaping happens in 3 steps: batard, baguette, "S". Once the baguette is shaped, you coil the ends in opposite directions until you run out of dough.

The sesame seeds are optional, but I had them so what the hell. I even had some black ones. Maybe I need to get out more? The loaves get spritzed with water, covered with seeds and then get a light oil spray. Then they go into the fridge for the night.

Out of the fridge, they have risen nicely. You can allow them to proof a little longer or pop them straight into a 500º oven. I went right for the oven.

One problem with this recipe, space. While the 3 shaped loaves fit on a 1/2 sheet pan, they could use a little more breathing room. Maybe 2 slightly bigger loaves or just staged baking.

Even with the crowding, they baked to 205º in about 30 minutes. The first 10-15 minutes @500º and then @450º.

They looked OK out of the oven. I think I was expecting a litlle more dramatic oven spring. Even though I went directly from the fridge to the oven, I think they may have over proofed a bit.

The crumb was OK as well. I think it shows the signs of over proofing. It wasn't dense, but seems a bit doughy. The flavor was a little on the doughy side as well.

Given the limited actual work, I think this deserves a second shot. I think I'll stick with bread rather than Hi-gluten flour and I'll watch the proofing a little more closely.