On How To Make Crystal Chicken Which Is Yummy And Healthy Chinese Dish

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  1. Do you like Chinese food?

    Below is a dish I would like to suggest for your home cooking.

    "Crystal Chicken"

    "Crystal Chicken"is a traditional Chinese dish.

    And our Yuhao special seasoning powder for making Crystal Chicken is  originally created by a famous chef Chen Liuqi dated to Qing Dynasty of China.



    Yuhao special recipe for making Crystal Chicken(Canned)


     Yuhao special recipe for making Crystal Chicken(bag)

    How to make "Crystal Chicken"??

    1.Select a fresh organic chicken about 1.2kg's weight.

    2.Clear up the chicken and get rid of the fat and blood inside the chicken chamber.

    3.Rub on the chicken body and rub inside the chicken chamber with peanut oil or Yuhao special cooking oil for Crystal Chicken.

    4.Rub on the chicken body with 10g of our special flavoring powder for Crystal Chicken and rub inside the chicken chamber with also 10g of our special flavoring powder for Crystal Chicken.

    5.Once the water inside pot is boiling,put this chicken onto the steaming rack upon the boiling water and steaming this chicken in about 15~18 minutes.(steaming time depends on how big the chicken you cooked is.)

    6.And finally put half of the juice inside the pot(after the chicken is done steaming,the water inside the pot has become chicken juice) into a little bowl.And pour the rest half of the juice onto the chicken body.

    7.You can enjoy this yummy dish now.

     [​IMG]finished Crystal Chicken


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