Nothing Says the Holidays Like a Champagne Cocktail

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  1. No holiday party is complete without, at least, 1 toast with a glass of bubbly. Champagne is the drink for celebrations and adds a touch of class to even the most mundane of get-togethers or dinners, or elevates a simple toast into an event. While I love to serve champagne and sparkling wine straight it is also fun to, occasionally offer up a champagne cocktail. Any champagne cocktail makes a great holiday drink but one of my favorites is the St. Germain Cocktail.

    The cocktail only requires 2 ingredients, champagne and St. Germain Liqueur. If you have never tried St. Germain before you should give it a try. It is a liqueur that has been made in France for well over 100 years and is created from Elderberry flowers. It is sweet and boasts flavors of peach, grapefruit and lychee. It’s not necessarily something that I would want to drink too much of on its own, although my wife might disagree with that, but it makes a great addition to many cocktails lending its fruity, floral essence to many well crafted drinks.

    This cocktail is also a great way to please people with differing palates. I like dry champagnes and sparkling wines, but my wife prefers hers on the sweeter side. With a bottle of St. Germain handy, we can both have what we want; I enjoy the champagne as it was meant to be while me wife can add a bit of sweetness to hers to make it more enjoyable.

    St. Germain Cocktail

    makes 1 cocktail

    1/2 oz. St. Germain Liqueur

    Pour the St. Germain into a champagne flute. Fill with champagne and serve. For an added layer of flavor you could also garnish the drink with a lemon twist.

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  1. pete
    @phatch I love Casablanca.  What a great movie.  When Laszlo orders a Champagne cocktail he was probably referring to the classic drink which is a sugar cube doused with bitters (Angustora) placed in a Champagne glass and topped with Champagne.  That is the classic "Champagne Cocktail."  Personally, I prefer this one.
  2. phatch
    In the movie Casablanca when we first meet Victor Laszlo in Rick's, he orders champagne 4 times as he bounces from table to table and person to person. He never gets any of these drinks. One of the champagne orders is for a champagne cocktail. I'd often wondered what he meant with that order. Now I have a clue at least.