Jeffrey Hamelman Sandwich Bread

By kylew, May 3, 2016 | |
  1. Jeffrey Hamelman, the Director of the Baking Education Center at King Arthur Flour, has written a new book. It's called     and represents a huge leap forward for home bread bakers. Written as a reference for professional bakers, the book overtly includes us home types with respect.

    This is his Wheat Bread with Multigrain Soaker.

    The dough uses a pate fermente which is made with 35% of the formula's flour.

    The soaker is comprised of millet, cracked wheat, coarse, corn meal and rolled oats. The total fermentation time is 2 hours with the dough getting turned after the first hour.

    The shaped loaves proof for 60-90 minutes.

    Oven Ready.

    Nice oven spring and great crust development.

    My goal here was a sandwich bread and this works beautifully!

    The flavor developed from the preferment, 50% whole wheat and the soaker is great. The soaker gives the crumb a great texture too.

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