Chris took a break out of his busy schedule to tell Jeremy Emmerson, what we can expect to see!

J.E - Tell us about your new show (what's it about).

C.C - Chefs vs. City is a combination of amazing race meets your stomach, five challenges per city, complete the challenges first, and finish the race.

J.E - How many cities did you tape in?

C.C - Seven cities Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, New Orleans, Chicago,  

J.E - What will viewers learn?

C.C - Viewers will see unique foods from each city and great foodie spots to visit - each episode brings these out.

J.E - What new food discoveries did you make?

C.C - Each city had its own amazing food style and culture based on its location: for instance Boston is seafood based and Chicago is meat based. 

J.E - What was the craziest thing that happened while you were on the road (an amusing story)?

C.C - I can’t tell you. It would ruin the show. 

J.E - When does the show air, channel and time?

C.C - The show airs on the Food Network at 10:00 PM ET/PT on Fridays...

It’s a great show people so check it out!