How To Tell If A Lobster is Male or Female

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  1. About a year ago I was asked to teach a class on how to buy, kill and prepare fresh lobster. This is part two of the series and the first part focuses on how to buy, when to buy and how to store lobster. You can read that here:    

    When buying lobster, females are preferred because you get the roe (the eggs). The roe tastes quite good and is often used when preparing lobster. Telling a male from a female is pretty simple. Once you have a firm grasp, turn him/her upside down and look at the mid section where the tail meets the thorax [main body which the crawler (small feet) are connected to]. You will see two little antennae-like features pointing up towards the thorax and body. The male feature is thicker and hard while the female is thin and soft, almost feathery.

    Lobster Anatomy


    Female Lobster


    Male Lobster


    Roe and Liver of Female Lobster

    The roe (also called the Coral)  is green and when cooked turns bright red. ​
    The liver (also called the Tomalley) is grey.​

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